Monday, November 26, 2012

Out looking around

A historic house in Carmel, Maine decorated for Christmas 2012-click to enlarge
Photo by Linda Grant
  Funny that after I wrote yesterday upon leaving to drive into Bangor shortly after there was a snow flurry.
  We took a ride down to Belfast in the late morning from Levant it's a great ride, lots of the "Dixmont Hills" and the Coastal Range make for great viewing.  When we arrived we stopped in at Reny's (the Maine Adventure) Store.  Then on to the Goodwill Store looking for a bargain.  We bought 3 CD's one of them with music by Pat Boone.  It reminds me of a story on the radio within the last few weeks. A guest is a professor of Political Science in the advanced classes.  Of a class of 29 only 3 of the students had ever even hear of Pat Boone, none of them knew what he did.  Showing my age there am I not?
  It was on the way home that Linda stopped to take photos of the historic home in Carmel, always decorated for each season, and always tastefully done in my opinion.

Q  Where does the King put his armies?

A  In his sleevies.

Our daughter is working on decorations down in Florida
Photo by Rhonda Grant Langley

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