Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the world of a National Wildlife Refuge

En mass flyout.  Sacramento NWR, California
  How many thousand ducks and geese are in that photo?  I don't know either.  What I do know is that I would love to have been there, but probably wouldn't have like the noise.  There are abundant opportunities to visit a National Wildlife Refuge they are plenty in number and have locations, if not in every state, at least in most states.  The NWR fill a purpose by saving up land to use for bird and animal breeding or stop-over places, or even places where birds over-winter.
Another California NWR with Mount Lassen in the background,
ducks and Canada and Snow geese in abundance here.
What an opportunity for a bird watcher or just for a casual visit.  We once saw a flock of Snow Geese while driving into New Hampshire from Vermont.  The birds overflew us and were close to the ground landing on the Connecticut River.  We were just about to cross a covered bridge.  Nice sight those mostly white geese are.
River Otters in the Colusa NWR in California.
Lots of different animals in the NWR too.
The photos in this posting were taken by the Mike Peters Organization, and were posted in

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