Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Six miles, one way or the other

 Too bad I never thought of this when I was working.
A Bob Zarn cartoon
  It was a bit chilly yesterday morning, about 19 degrees with a breeze from the west.  I have noticed that after walking a mile and a half or so is that I warm up.  My hands don't feel as cold as they had, maybe it's explained by some many lettered thing or maybe it's all in my head.  Who knows?
  I went ahead and walked about four and a half miles, stopping for water after three miles.  I went to coffee with the guys that hang out at McDonalds at 5AM and talked with Harry until about 6:45.  I walked another 3/4 of a mile, it felt way much colder then - don't know if it really was.
  About 9:30AM I walked to the Post Office and back, about a half mile total, then discovered I had failed to mail the outgoing, so had a sandwich and repeated that walk.  Total 6.34 miles, that's according to my wrist instrument which records such stuff along with telling me my blood pressure if I choose to ask for it.  (Made in China, of course)
What today is supposed to be

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