Friday, November 23, 2012

It was good in 1936, but....

The old and the new - click
  The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, normally called the Bay Bridge, was built between 1933 and 1936.  It was finished six months before the Golden Gate Bridge.  That bridge has out-lived it's usefulness.  270,000 cars and trucks use the bridge every day as it carries Interstate 80 to San Francisco where it terminates.  Workers in one city or the other use the bridge too.  At one time the bottom deck carried trains, but now the south bound traffic is on the bottom while the north bound uses the five lanes on top.
  The new bridge, made in China, yes that's a fact.  Sections are fabricated in China and shipped to Oakland and transported by barge to the work site.  Silly me!  Silly for thinking American steel and construction folks had a job.  Why in the world this is happening is beyond my imagination (and it's quite large).
  Anyhow, the section from Yerba Buena Island (in the middle) from San Francisco is finished, the Oakland to Yerba Buena Island is nearing completion as well.  The "old bridge" will be demolished, and the materials re-cycled.
This clip from Google Maps shows the old and new - click to enlarge,
you will notice the old "runway end" of the Alameda Naval Air Station,
bottom right.  Treasure Island was also a Navy installation, it's where the brig was.
Making sure the cables are in place - click to enlarge photo

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