Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reading the on-line papers

  See that?  How often would you see that bit in your local paper; maybe, if they were looking for filler.  Quite often I "read/scan" papers in San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia or Detroit, and some others.  I must need more meaningful things to do, like work on a painting.  But, I like to read and books are hard to see, and this screen is large by computer standards, so I read on line stuff.
  I do not miss "kettle time".  Although the Red Kettle is the most important fund raiser the Salvation Army has, and it's a good organization, I don't miss the kettles.  I worked five years for The Salvation Army and beginning of October there were interviews and training sessions for the "bell-ringers", who were paid minimum wage.  During the kettle season there were daily deposits, two extra reports every day, sometimes more.  There was an extra weekly payroll to do, and more reports called for as the season progressed - all extra work for me because I was the one who did those things.  It was good though to see the money in the bank - but it had to last a year.
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  I though these people were being crushed on a huge escalator, that's what it looks like to me!

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