Thursday, November 22, 2012

There may be things to be thankful for, providing... find them affordable.  Now, that's a whole mouthful right there, and it's too early to eat.  But, you can bet your sweet bippy that some folks will dine in style.  I offer:
Dining Room, Garden Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza
Thanksgiving dinner in this hotel costs only $45.96, dessert not included.  That sounds like a lot to me, and it is.  There are propably several other locations in the City of Cincinnati that make this one look cheap.
  Looking for a place to live?  How much room does one person need?  How about a mini-condo, it will be 220 square feet.  Wait!  That's only 10x22!  Holy moley that's small!  But it must be inexpensive right?  Hold on there Little Buddy!  In the City of San Francisco the rent would only by $1500.00 per month, condo fee not included.  Jeepers!  Now you can go forth and be thankful, you're better off than you think.

San Francisco Chronicle

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