Saturday, November 10, 2012

It was here Thursday

Mount Washington NH, seen from brother-in-laws new addition in
Shapleigh Maine. - click to enlarge
Photo Brad Hoffman
  Yep, that photo was taken way down in southern Maine, Shapleigh was my mothers hometown.  There are several places from which Mount Washington can be seen but the new addition he built provides a good one.  There's snow on the mountain, and probably very cold, the highest wind ever recorded in the contiguous United States (that's the lower 48, I just wanted to use more words) was up there, 134mph.
  Anyhow after Thursday snowy day this morning is a balmy 31 degrees, the wind is shifting to SSW to show the warming is starting.  It, the warming, will only last through the weekend - - then, we get to pay for it.  That's how that stuff always works:  couple of days of nice weather followed by "pay days" of misery.  Welcome to Maine, and a whole lot of others places too.
This is "the how" of seasonal change.

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