Monday, November 5, 2012


Bangor Maine Waterfront Park - click to enlarge
Photo by Linda Grant
  Looks like the tide is at work in that photo, it's pretty visual on the river going in or out.  The big building far center is Hollywood Casino, pretty soon the walkway will extend the whole distance.
Some years ago, 25, when we first moved here this whole area was kind of one big dump; nothing was cleaned up, there were a lot of unused train tracks and junk.  The water was shiny in some places and chunks of "tar" would float around - residue from the former Bangor Gas Works where gasafication of coal made gas for the lights and stoves.  I like it much better like this.
  It's getting cooler day by day, we know what's coming and personally I don't care much for the icy stuff.  You'd be able to see why so much ice was shipped to Boston, New York and Philadelphia when the river freezes.  Only one ice company left, Getchell Brothers Ice in Brewer, it's an old, old outfit.  The ice doesn't come from the river any more it's made by machine.
Not sure what this represents, trains maybe, or the night all hell broke loose.  I just don't know - click
Photo by Linda Grant

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