Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The big day

Nov 6 1982, my lucky day
  Today is Election Day, it's also our 30th Anniversary so we'll celebrate by going to vote.  I looked a lot different in 1982 and she hasn't changed, go figure.
  We were married in a family ceremony at her brother Thom's house in Portland, Maine, there weren't a lot of people there a couple of close friends and family members.  It was a second wedding for me and you can believe me when I say this one's turned out a whole lot better than the first, nuf said.
  It is Election Day, in the United States, so fulfill your obligation and vote please, yes every vote counts.  People like Wilbur out in North Dakota and I were lucky.  We spent twenty years in the United States Navy, a lot of it in peacetime but we were in the entire time the Vietnam War was "in session".  We did that because we wanted to, but we did it so maybe your grandchildren won't have to.  And that's why it's important for you to have a voice today. Vote.
A lovely bride.

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