Friday, November 9, 2012

Say goodbye to fall

Winterberries in Carmel Maine
looks like very early fall
Photo by Linda Grant
  That was an early fall photo, the leaves were green and the winterberry bush still had leaves too.  I don't remember what year it was either.  I really have to stretch my imagination sometimes to remember what I ate for supper the day before (like 10 hours ago), how in the name of anything could I possibly remember which year we saw what, unless we date it when it's done.
  Anyway, getting back on track, winter weather arrived yesterday, about 2 heavy wet inches worth.  The rain started when the snow stopped and most of the snow is history.  It was a cold and windy day, I didn't go out until afternoon and did my walking indoors, I even drove to the post office.
  I always enjoy fall.  Fall is my favorite season and I still believe that each season should last 3 months (only).  Ain't going to happen.
Ward Hill Road in Troy, Maine 2007
Photo by Linda Grant, or maybe the geezer.

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