Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have a story to tell

  During my travels with Hollie we stopped in Monmouth, Maine at the Agricultural Station/Farm operated by the University of Maine.  On this farm the primary study is apples and apple trees, but they also study vegetables primarily those grown in a garden.
  A man was working with a stalk of corn and I asked him,
"what are you doing with that?"
He answered,
"trying to improve yield"
I replied,
"oh great! we've been talking at coffee about yields, you could teach people not to enter a road without yielding to vehicles already on the road"
he said,
"no.  Improving Yields, yields!"
I said,
"you could paint the signs brighter and make them bigger"
he said,
"Yield!, Yield!"
and he hit me with what he was working on and part of it stuck to me, he said,
"Yield! , can't you hear?"
I said,
"not with this ear in my ear!"

This is not a true story, just in case you're wondering, it was manufactured in my mind while driving through Monmouth.  Hollie was listening to music and my mind wanders, not too far.

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