Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not at all a bad trip

The geezer gets the boot at LL Bean
Photo: Hollie Grant
  Well, we had a pretty good day and a 275 mile round trip - just enough to touch off the old back!
We got on the road about six, and with a stop at Wal-Mart in Waterville, got in to Augusta at 8AM, for the first visit to Staples and put some of the stuff in plastic.
  Then we finished the trip to Freeport on the I-95/I-295 routes, that was the last of interstate highway travel, except for the last five miles.  We did go to the "world famous" LL Bean for the photo op, and Hollie wanted an LL Bean cap and a couple of post cards.  I got off easy :)
  Up route 1 to Brunswick and over to Cooks Corner (near the old NAS Brunswick), that little mall has just about emptied out, the base is gone and a lot of stores are too - lots of empty space in all of the "strip malls" - not as in strip club.  There were only two people working a Staples! Two!  We had a wait so had lunch - it was ten AM and lunch time according to my clock.  We took a walk through Wal-Mart and she found a tie dye sweatshirt, couldn't pass it up, I didn't need any money any way (it was a good buy).
  Up, or over, to Lewiston for some more lamination's at that Staples, a quick side trip to Bull Moose Music for a used Dolly Parton CD and on to Maine 202 east.  Short stop in Augusta to use the facilities and a DQ Blizzard and on to home.  Piece of cake.
Hollie at the boot.
Photo by the geezer

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