Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Off we go...and this ain't no wild blue yonder

  Well the day is here; the first of two "vacation days" for the Hollie girl.  I am sure she is ready to go, she does get quite excited about these things.  It's obvious that I'm ready, heck I'm even alert enough to write this drivel.
  It is my plan to go directly to Freeport and LL Bean first, and go to Brunswick (which is a start back north) second.  I don't really know if this will fly - she needs those laminated projects - that may change the order of things.
  We would move on from Brunswick to Lewiston via Maine route 196 and push up to Augusta from there and then the one hour drive back to Bangor/Brewer/Levant; you know, something like that.
  I do not dread these trips, I look forward to them and I like to participate - the thing is I really don't have a lot of choices in where and in what order things get done - I'm not the real autistic one.
  I'm sure there'll be a lot to bore you with tomorrow so stay tuned.

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