Friday, May 17, 2013

Sleep; there ain't nothing like it!

Just like this.
  I first went to sleep during the 5PM weather report.  I slept through most of the 6:30PM national news, and the first inning of the Red Sox game.  After that I went to bed.  I woke up at 2:10AM.
  Now that's a nice nights sleep, really.  I must have had over seven hours of sleep.
I guess I was resting from my day trip with Hollie, because I didn't do a whole lot yesterday.  I went for coffee and a two mile walk, came home for a couple of hours, went to try on more shoes and then to a meeting, and some grocery shopping.  I was home before 2PM and we, my wife and I, went up the road to a nursery and bought some flowers to plant (I know what they were, the names are missing from my brain at the moment) snapdragons, geraniums, ivy and a basket of petunias.
  I planted to snapdragons, ate a meal, watched TV then - go to first paragraph.  The following cartoon doesn't apply to me, it's just funny.

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