Tuesday, May 14, 2013

T minus 1

  Well, this morning I slept in until 2:35AM.  It wasn't on purpose it just turned out that way, it's a really screwy thing, it messes my head up.  Now it's 3:20 and I'm still sitting here typing this - I feel like I should be on the road and walking.  But, it is a little chilly this morning at 37 degrees and falling (until the sun comes up).
  And then there's tomorrow, I hope I'm ready for a full day of chatter.  The main problem is she wants me to look at things she's holding up; it's hard to see when you're going 55mph and turning a corner but she really thinks I can look! 
  I am hoping she brings a favorite (of the moment) CD and listens most of the way down, or sleeps, then I'll talk and she'll ignore me.
  I got to go!

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