Friday, December 20, 2013

It was a long morning

  The "little" trip to Probate Court turned out to be not so little.  We arrived early and sat in the hallway until the Court opened their door.  The session began at 9AM on time, the judge heard one case, they had an attorney.  At the close of that case the judge said he needed to meet with the Board of Overseers and would be back in half an hour or twenty minutes.  The judge returned in one hour, it was now 10:30!  The wooden benches were hard.
  He heard another case, they had an attorney.  He heard two more cases of people without lawyers, and finally it was our turn - we were the last one.  It ended at 11:30AM.  Two and a half hours on a wooden bench is a bit too much.

A song for you:
This is Mary's boy child by Boney M, it's a bit long but very enjoyable.

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