Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's done! Almost.......

  The Senate will vote today, and is expected to narrowly pass, the budget that would fund the U S Government for the next couple of years.
  Not everyone is happy with this budget as it is written, and we are told it's too late to make any changes, it's either pass or fail.  Failure to pass would, or course, shut down the whole mess we call the government AGAIN!
  The biggest objection, this time, is that military retirees in the future, 01-01-14 and beyond, would have and COLA reduced by one percent, if they were under the age of 62 when they retire (that's almost 100% of retirees).  When they reach the age of 62 the full COLA would be reinstated in a sort of piece meal manner.  A fine salute to the people who protect us, sometimes with their life.

Seasonal photo:
Santa is removing Congress from his list
Photo: Getty Images via ABCNews
And a song:

This is "I can't have a Merry Christmas, Mary without you" by Jerry Lee Lewis.  Jerry Lee is one of my all time favorite musicians, but his holiday music was ah, meh.

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  1. Government employees, The House and Senate get a pass like usual, bunch of
    bull sh--. I am pissed. All the damn waste and the pick on the people that give
    it their all to protect this nation.