Monday, December 16, 2013

Technical stuff you should see, really!

Wildcat. A 16mph robot
Photo: Boston Dynamics
  Google, Inc. has acquired Boston Dynamics, a company who has as it's major customer the Department of Defense.  Boston Dynamics (now, Google) makes some very interesting things, not the least of which are the Wildcat and the Big Dog, both four legged robots build to carry things.
Read about the transaction (it's short) here:
You can also access a video of Wildcat.
Click here:

to see Big Dog in action, both short videos are worth the watch.

Now, a musical treat, the song "Santa Baby" by Kellie Pickler, the song has been done many times
the original was Eartha Kitt.
The seasonal Photo:
He's knows if you're naughty, because he's naughty too. :)
Photo: E. Munoz Reuters

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