Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's snowing and old and new

  First, back to yesterday's entry.  I should have added that my Mother-in-law, Yvonne, her sister, Olive and her uncle Jim all worked at the Eastland Hotel.  The two ladies worked in housekeeping and laundry and uncle Jim, a WW2 vet with both legs amputated due to an accident on a Submarine operated the elevators.  His injuries never slowed him down, he dug his own cellar under one house on his knees using a shovel and a wheelbarrow!

Art in the snow - please click to enlarge it's big
Photo: Simon Beck
  The artist, Simon Beck, works in the French Alps as an Orienteer.  He took a break one day in the fresh snow and decided to make a "star".  Using his compass he laid out the five points, then he put on snowshoes; and the rest is history.  He has done many designs over the past couple of years, each time it snows.  The works are viewed from a ski lift on Aigulle Rouge a mountain in Savoie, France.
Go here:   to view more of his work, they're worth the "trip".
Seasonal photo:
People get ready for Christmas in Sidney Australia
Photo: Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images
A bonus below:

Music by Boney M "I'll be home for Christmas"

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