Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What if they made a movie?

View from the "lamp room" of Moose Peak Light
Photo: Erica Fae
  Erica Fae, a New York City resident, has proposed making a movie in Jonesport, Maine and the nearby lighthouse of Mistake Island, Moose Peak Light.
  Ms. Fae is experienced in film, acting, and production and wants to portray historical women in the film.  The first Federal jobs, other than clerical work, open to women was for Lighthouse Keepers, and two very well know women worked in Maine.
  The owner of the light, a Connecticut businessman has given permission for use of the lighthouse, which he bought a auction several years ago.
  We will follow this story to wherever it leads.
Moose Peak Light on Mistake Island, Maine
Photo: Erica Fae
Seasonal stuff:
First music by Willie Nelson, "Pretty Paper"

And the photo:
Santa came to town Union Square, San Francisco
Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

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