Sunday, January 12, 2014

A long day in a chair, night too

Icy brook with frozen waterfall, Alfred, Maine - click
Photo: Gregory Rec Portland Press Herald
  I went out for coffee and was home about 6:45AM it was just starting with some freezing drizzle, it quickly turned to hard rain that froze on contact, I estimate that there was a half inch of solid ice on the parking lot and walkway.  I haven't been out since, it's still early of course, I'll go out about 4:00AM.
  I could not load Money on the new PC, it's not compatible, nor was Office 2007.  I bought Office 2013 and it's on there, the documents I have will transfer okay (I'm told).  I found, in Excel, a check register that's great - I can replace Money with my own documents.
  I watched the early, Seattle/New Orleans, game, couldn't stay awake for the Patriots taking care of business with the Colts.
  Well, today I'll try some file transfers and we'll see how that goes.
Outer Union Street, Bangor Jan 11 2014 very icy, that's the shiny stuff.
I use this road at least twice a day!
Photo: Gabor Degre Bangor Daily News

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