Friday, January 17, 2014

Snowshoes, Ice packs and the January thaw

An ice jam on Kenduskeag Stream, Bangor Jan 16 2014
Photo: Brian Feulner Bangor Daily News
A Lynx in Frenchville, Maine Jan 2014
Photo: Carol Bourgoin
 We're now at the end of the "January thaw" a warm up that happens almost every year here in Maine.  So one week it's well below zero and the next we're in the forties.  Flood warnings and watches are commonplace as the rain and fog help soften ice on streams and rivers.
  The Kenduskeag Plaza parking area was closed, opened, and closed into a three day stretch including today.
  The Lynx, the snowshoe part, was spotted by the photographer as it wandered around her property.  the animal has large feet to navigate on soft snow.  Lynx aren't common in Maine but there are more than previously thought.  Maybe I'll be able to see one!

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