Monday, January 13, 2014

Weasel stuff

A weasel in winter with his supper
Photo: from  a weather site
  In my family weasel stuff is trying to get around a rule, or it was when the children lived at home.  Hollie still uses the term and self-reports to me when she has done some weasel stuff.
  Weasel stuff happens all the time stretch the truth, fib, a white lie and on and on.  What about buying a car?  The sales person talks you into loving one car and gets you the best price that can be had, say $12,000.00.  You buy the car only to find in the paper the very next day that same car on sale for $11,000.00!  Wow, you've been had by weasel stuff.
  Politicians are good at this stuff too, double-speak, voting not in line with his districts wishes, all of that is just good old weasel stuff.  There's too much of it.


  1. Seems A little hard on weasels to put them in the same category as polititians