Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a new word/old word world

Header from a Lewiston Sun Journal article
  When I read the article, photo above, in the Bangor Daily News (papers trade stories here in Maine), my brain started up that old thinking stuff again.  Some of the original Maineah language is already dead.  The word "tonic" comes to mind,  when I was a kid we drank tonic if we were lucky enough to be able to buy it; now it's commonly called soft drink, soda or maybe coke.  I haven't heard the word tonic used in that manner in sixty years.
  We still have the words, muckle, as in I muckled on to him, or maybe I grub his neck and squoze.
The word numb means dumb, wicked means good or great, and spleeny means you are afraid of slight pain.
  An example: if a baby is very cute, it would be expressed as wicked cunning.  Ayuh!

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