Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A secret and some lies?

  There are some, but not a lot, of politicians in Washington that want to hurriedly pass something called Tran-Pacific Partnership.  It's a trade bill and it's being negotiated in secret.
  People who might have supported it are dropping their support in droves; not a single Democrat joined by a good number of Republican Senators say it's no good.  The President and some big-big-big business want it passed.
  Here is what could, or would, happen.  The President, acting alone, could negotiate and pass future trade deals with "Pacific Partners" (read China), without approval from Congress.  If China, for example, didn't like something they could go to a special court (international) and make us pay for damages.  Does this sound like a good deal?  President Obama thinks so, but he is almost the only one that likes it, except for big-big business.  But we can't read the bill, it's Secret!
  It isn't a good deal in my opinion.  Go to Google News and read about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there are many, many articles to choose from.

Yes, Darlene, I do owe Weasels an apology for comparing them to politicians!

Some samples of what you can find to read.

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