Friday, January 24, 2014

See some seals live on camera

Seal Island off the coast of Rockland, Maine indicated by the letter A
Source: Google maps
  Out on Seal Island there are, surprise, a lot of seals.  Seals large and small, nursing mothers and little ones that are still white.
  There is a live video feed every day from 10:00AM until 4:00PM, and you can watch the daily loop anytime I think (that may not be fact).
  See it for yourself here:

  The ice loaded in Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor remains but the danger of flooding has been stopped by the U S Coast Guard.  They came up, from Rockland, with the vessels Bridle and Tackle, and broke the ice on the Penobscot River which eased the jam on the Stream.
Working as a team!
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News.

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