Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We are failing

Photo: David Mdzinarishvli
  The United States lags behind Vietnam and Latvia among more developed countries in what our children are learning in school.  Even the way we teach gifted children is lacking.
  As an example one teacher took more advanced students aside and asked them to do more work than their classmates; but as one of those students explained "...I'd rather be doing the more advanced work with other students, not just by myself".
  We have a host of gifted students just getting by, or failing, because we fail to challenge them as a group most of the time.  Maine has one school just for these kids the Maine School of Mathematics and Science is located in Limestone - and those students love it.  But I don't think we're doing enough.  These are the students that will be our leaders when they're older.  We could do more.
Read: http://www.newsweek.com/america-hates-its-gifted-kids-226327


  1. Get rid of the teachers union or have more charter schools and you will see
    improvement. Wilbur

  2. Charter schools are good, maybe I'll write about a couple of those.