Monday, January 20, 2014

Snowy Owl number 99906

99906 at rest - click to enlarge
Photo: Bob Duchesne to Bangor Daily News
The travels of 99906 as recorded - click to enlarge
Photo: Bob Duchesne
  Snowy Owls have been abundant this winter here in the lower 48.  An excellent breeding season and the lack of food in their native Canadian tundra are the reasons.
  99906 was caught at Logan Airport in Boston and release with a transmitter so the bird was tracked on it's travels.
  Snowy Owls have been widespread this year, one was seen in Hawaii and one even flew to Bermuda.  The dangers most of them face are at airports.  Being a danger to aircraft they are shot.  The airport looks familiar to the tundra dwellers, they look like home and a place to hunt.  A number have been shot, but attempts to trap or discourage them are tried first.  More of the story can be found here:

Here is a peek at my latest painting.
Cardinals - click to enlarge


  1. It is illegal to shoot a snowy owl in ND. Wilbur

  2. It's illegal here too, but they need to keep them away from the aircraft, they should trap more.