Thursday, March 6, 2014

Portsmouth Naval Prison for sale or lease

The building in 2005 - click to enlarge
Photo: AP via Portland Press Herald
  The former Navy Brig on Pierce Island adjacent to the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard in Kittery Maine.  The island may be in New Hampshire, I haven't been able to pinpoint that.
  The whole shebang is up for sale to any developer interested.  The Navy operated the prison from 1908 until it closed the prison in 1974 and sent prisoners to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  It has since built and still uses to Navy Brig at Miramar, California.
  Maybe it would make a resort casino or office building, whatever use it is put to would require extensive rehab.  So if you're interested please contact the Navy.

                                                  New subject
Here is a link to an article titled "Six Miles Out", it's about the year-round families on Isle Au Haut, Maine there is video, still photos and print.  It's a quick read, very interesting but not able to bring it over:   

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