Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wolfes Neck Farm

Part of the farm seen from the air
  Wolfes Neck Farm is an educational facility and farm.  Teaching sustainable agriculture and raising livestock and food on an original oceanfront Maine farm.
  Open to the public and partially supported by donations and fees for day camps and week long camps for teenagers interested in agriculture.  The true nature of the place is to teach agriculture and the benefits of farm life.  The sheep, swine, cattle and turkeys raised on the farm are a part of the income along with the pumpkins, squash and other vegetables grown during the short summer months.
  It's a wonderful place to visit for anyone interested in see a historic and original ocean front farm, most of which have long disappeared.  I remember going to a Grange picnic at one in Kennebunk as a child, a wonderful experience then, or take a crack at it now.
  Look it up:
Kaitlyn Gardner a farm Manager with a new lamb
Photo: Gordon Chibroski Portland Press Herald
Photo: Gordon Chibroski Portland Press Herald

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