Friday, March 7, 2014


Words: The geezer hisself
  I made that photo and made my lovely wife, Linda, post it on Facebook, most everyone got it.  It is supposed to get warmer starting today, but, right now it's -2, and that ain't in my definition of warmer.   The daytime temp today is allegedly going to reach 32 degrees, we will be waiting to see if that happens.  Tomorrow maybe 38, that's a stretch.
  I made a comment in the Bangor Daily News that I was old and wanted to walk outdoors and was scolded by another geezer for not wearing layers and using snowshoes.  Ha, ha, ha, obviously that person isn't bothered by cold air in their lungs, but I am.  As for snowshoes I've tried that - without the attendant success!

Oh, oh! Could it be her?  The lovely Linda?

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