Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bulk mail tricksters

I was just hanging around doing nothing, when the mailman came.
There were forty-three pieces of mail.  Each one had my name.
Would you like to try our insurance?  Twenty of them said.
If you don't try our insurance, you could end up dead.

Would you like one of our credit cards?  Twenty of them said.
We'll give you one free month without interest.  Then you should dread.
The interest will increase to seventy-three percent.
And you won't have no money left.  Not one red cent.

Would you give us your money?  Three of them asked.
Just a couple hundred dollars, that's not such a task!
And we'll keep mailing you letters.  Your box will not go dry.
Go ahead and try to stop these.  Just go ahead an try!

But what's the cost of this "free mail",
That makes all those folks wag like a dog on a tail?
One hundred million trees made in to paper,
5.8 million tons in to the mail, and that's not vapor.

50,000 garbage trucks to carry it all,  (each day)
When it goes to the dump every day this fall. (90 days)
300 pieces for each man, woman and children too,
how much of it comes to people like you?

It takes 50 trees to build a nice house,
beams, studs, and sheathing, floors to prevent a mouse.*
twelve hundred square feet of living space then.
How much mail would that have been?

100 Million trees would build 2 million houses of 1200SF
*400 beams/studs
70 pieces of plywood sheathing for outer walls and roof.
80 pieces of fiber board for sub-floors.

I will be discussing the PPACA (Obamacare) more tomorrow. 


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