Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PPACA Another nail the the Middle Class coffin

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The PPACA or Obamacare is another nail in the coffin for the middle class Americans.  The President openly lied when he said people of already have insurance would keep it.

There are thousands of self-insured citizens who are receiving or are going to receive cancellation notices from their insurers.  They will be allowed to "re-enroll" but at a much higher cost.  I watched on couple on TV who had been paying $199.00/month plus a $3500.00 deductible.  Their new offer had the same deductible but the monthly cost was now $638.00!  The difference is because that insurer will have to accept people with pre-existing conditions.  Is it fair for that couple to be asked to pay for someone, unknown?

Even though I know the aim is for everyone to be insured, I don't think that a very good way to make sure it works.  I have repeatedly said Obamacare will fail, I am even more sure now.  Low income people will not enroll.  A young man who works part time at a "dollar store" that a friend and I talked to yesterday at our coffee hour hadn't even heard of the Act.  Young people aren't interested enough in what's going on to watch the news!  They will not buy insurance even though it may be "free" for them (see the young couple above).

CBS News is reporting on October 29th that over two million policies have been cancelled or amended.  It is becoming more clear that this Obamacare law was written by and for the benefit of the insurance industry.  The law simply is not what the public thought it was. Period.

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