Monday, October 28, 2013

What's that you say?

By Jim Huber
Start speaking Spanish in ten days,
in one or more informational ways.
If you've never spoken Spanish before,
don't have to worry, you won't anymore.

Que habla English? Isn't that nice,
speaking Spanish and put it on ice.
Languages from them other places,
is for them folks that gots other faces.

You don't need that, don't you see,
unless you travel, oh wait! Oh, gee!
You mean I might need a word or two,
like please and thank you and who.

You never know when some language is handy,
you might need a word of two to get some candy.
Or maybe you need to say don't go,
and you'll need to say espere un minute!

Or maybe you could ask if you want to know,
Doko iki no? To ask where you go.
And I forgot the Ano nay to get his attention,
there's just so many ways that I could mention.

This ramble contains Spanish, Japanese, English and Slang.

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