Sunday, October 27, 2013

Now..put that out!
There comes a time when smoking, really ain't no joke,
and you do everything you can not to take a toke.
So I tried a lozenge with nicotine inside,
they are strong and belly burning and need to take a ride.

I can puff on my eCig, as long as it is charge(d),
but what happens when there's no power and the need is large?
You could scream your lungs out or pray to unknown kings;
but you're better off - - just to forget those things!

I could try wearing patches, but I don't want those things,
or I could try flying, but I can't grow no wings.
How about acupuncture?  Oh, needles give me the creeps.
and there ain't no sense in crying those heaving sobbing weeps.

No just quit and forget it, you're going to tough it out,
then in just a few short days, you'll be able to tell about….
just how you did it and how with no aids or any stuff;
you quit just like you wanted 'cause you're so god damned tough!

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