Friday, November 1, 2013

It's that Medicare time of year (again and again)

There comes a time every year,
when my mailbox is full, front to rear;
with proposals from some or is it all?
Of offers for insurance in case I fall.

Medicare allows certain changes you know,
for 'scripts, or hospitals if you've money to blow.
But I can't partake or participate,
and I simply reject their bait.

I am harnessed by choice or by duty,
USFHBP* is really a beauty,
for military active and most of retired,
payment of Part B is required.

We get pretty good care that a bang for the buck,
and if we wanted to change it could be bad luck.
I think we'll keep what we have, no matter the offer;
while for free care for life, goes to the governments coffer.

*U S Forces Health Benefit Plan

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