Saturday, November 2, 2013

With apologies to Brenda Lee, Raul Malo and Al Anderson

Beards and World Series Winners, just for us fans
Sports Illustrated Sept 30 2013
Am I fan number one, or,  am I fan number two,
how many others have been fans of you?
I'll bet that the number is far from being small.
But I'll bet that us Mainers are the biggest fans of all.

You can watch the re-runs and look at them score,
and then rewind the thing and watch them some more.
Watch Lester pitch, or Pedoria make a play,
yes sir you can watch them, and do it all day!

Can you see the game get close, and don't want an even score?
Put Koji Uehara in and they won't score any more.
Nobody on the team can hit like Big Papi does,
when he comes up to bat, you can hear the buzz.

There are players of every stripe and size,
and you'll be a fan of theirs, if you are wise.
There's room in Red Sox Nation for you today,
and you'll be happy when you see them play.

What a great series it was, of course I didn't watch all of every game, I was awake for the final out!
Thankfully MLB TV has great coverage before and after each game, so I have certainly watched the highlight and the lowlights what a series.  Games ended as never before in 1405 games none had ended with a pick off or an obstruction call.  I'm a happy man.

Note:  Raul Malo and Al Anderson wrote the song "Fool number one", it was made a hit by Brenda Lee.  I heard the song on the radio and thought this stuff up.

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