Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hither, Tither and Yon

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  It was a regular Tuesday.  Up at 2am, coffee at 5am and a couple of small, simple errands.  I went to my friend Jeffs at 7am and we watched part of a taped baseball game while we waited for the sun to get a little higher.  Driving from Bangor to Brewer at sunrise is brutal, but not bad if you want to be blinded.
  Some shopping for Jeff, a seat on the bench for me because I have a "corn" growing on my instep, and I'm trying to treat that, it's painful.  If you have any suggestions use the comment section.
  Jeff and I had lunch at 10am and wandered around a couple of stores until 11am.  We waited with some friends and went to a noon meeting, after which I came home.  I'd been gone over ten hours!
  I'm worried that I'll get one of those "you heart attack will happen....." notes in one of the meetings, then I'll have to take just one low dose aspirin :).
  Here are some updates:  1) The "attack cat" in Oregon is now a resident of a shelter.
2) Maine is making a "major attempt" (according to the Governor) to increase production of Maple Syrup.

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