Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's all in the name, yum!

An example of the C&D
Photo: Shelby Carignan, The Forecaster
  At the Little Big bake shop in South Portland, the owners got a letter, or rather two letters.  The owners are two chefs implanted from New York.  As a treat one day they made a dozen Cro-Nuts.
Cro-Nuts are a composite of croissants and donuts - thus the name.
  It turns out the Little Big used the Cro-nut name and got a letter to cease and desist; so they changed the name to Crauxnuts (still pronounced Cro-nuts) and got another cease and desist order.
  The name was changed to C&D which stands for, you guessed it, Cease and Desist.  The treats are so popular that Little Big takes calls for reservation orders, two or three weeks in advance!  I'd try one but don't want to travel that far to get one, nor do I wish to pay $3.00 for a "donut".

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