Sunday, March 16, 2014

That sweet smell...

The "old way" to collect sap
The geezers cooked up (pun intended) a special today,
and he's written a special poem, just for you.

When springtime finally gets here, and we are sure it will;
it's time for the maple sap, to start and run downhill.
It's placed there in that big vat, and heat is applied,
and that's just the beginning of how syrup is supplied.

It's going to be syrup time, in Maine and that's for sure,
time to go and taste the treat that's all fresh made and pure.
It's something that's been happening since times of old;
and the product gives new meaning to the saying, "good as gold".

Click on the photos to enlarge:

A sanitary tap is put in to a tree, sanitary means
the sap isn't exposed to the air like the old way above
Photo: John Clarke Russ - Bangor Daily News
The web of tubing, runs downhill of course
the sap will be boiled down to make syrup.

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