Friday, March 21, 2014

Not quite yet

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I put together a little piece for you today - it just popped into my head.

Where spring has gone I do not know,
it's hard to tell with six inches of new fallen snow.
There are no flowers, to delight the eye,
only falling ice comes down from on high.

There may be warmth so time away,
but there'll be none to see, at least today.
We can but wish and wait,
to see what comes with natures fate.

We can wish, with all of our hearts,
for things that flowers and leaves and grass imparts.
We must decide to just sit and stare,
at all of the trees whose limbs are bare.

Good things may come "to those that wait",
but I am chomping at the gate.
Let loose of Spring we must declare,
for it will come, to those who care.

If you're tired of waiting don't give up hope,
and please don't sit around and mope.
There are things we can do to be in control,
put up a screensaver and let the good times roll!

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