Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can you see this?

  Yesterday my lovely wife, Linda, and I both had our annual eye check-up.  The kind with three courses of eye drops and ultra-bright lights.  It's not a particularly good time but he's a good doctor and his "girl does everything" assistant, April, finishes it off nicely.
  The cataracts are still there slowly growing towards removal and the macular degeneration is being held in abeyance by vitamins and lutein.  So all in all a good checkup.
  I don't need new glasses, but I have developed an allergy to the silicon nose piece to the glasses I have.  I needed to order new glasses so I did it online at Zenni.com, I ordered black plastic with kind of clear lower parts, progressive lenses and all for $57.00!  I'll be letting you know if those are any good.
  After all of that we had a great lunch at Longhorn for our anniversary that's tomorrow. We found a jar opener too, a new kind, of course.  Today we get to vote.

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