Friday, November 8, 2013

Different ways to spend days

Penobscot County Building, Bangor, Maine photo
   The former "County Courthouse" now houses the County Commissioners, the Registry of Deeds and the Probate Court among a few others.
   I'm familiar with the building because my work as Tax Collector for the City of Brewer required detail when filing liens for unpaid taxes - the Registry of Deeds was the place to go.  I also one time testified at a murder trial in the Superior Court that was on the second floor.  In a capacity as the agent who sold fish and game licenses the Court needed to know if an individual had a valid license.
  On November 6th of this year, our wedding anniversary, we were at the Probate Court filing papers to revoke the Guardianship that Linda has for Hollie, and at the same time file an application that would make both Linda and I Guardians.  Instead of spending $1500.00 for an attorney we did the work ourselves for $118.00 in filing fees.
  Yesterday I spent a few minutes of my time trying to get a signature on a "Form of Waiver" for one person, I'll finish that today.
   The Court Clerk called last evening the court date will be December 19th, my 73rd birthday.
Different ways to spend days.  Yessuh!

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