Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh, to be young again

A bridge on the Lamoille Valley Railroad, now a Rails to Trails project
  I'm still a member of Rails to Trails because I like to support the idea of people using the trail system for hiking, biking or cross country skiing.  It's super that the spaces are available, and it's sad that the rails aren't being used by trains anymore.
  Some of you remember that I did a series of blogs on some of the trails in Maine, but the photo is from a trail in Vermont.  This trail the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail stretches across Vermont from west to east in Northern Vermont.  I'll bet it's a beauty, lots of water and bridges, covered bridges.
  The title of this blog is how I sometimes feel when the magazine arrives and I see new trails, or trails new to me.  In each issue they introduce about five trails - I'd like to walk each one.

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