Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking for a gadget?

Grandma's bottle and jar opener
  I need one of these.  We had one of these when I was in high school 55 years ago.  Why can't I find one now?  They don't make them anymore.  Not even in China!
  Oh, I found some other jar opener gadgets online that cost 10-75 dollars, but nothing like those in the photos.
  I looked in Bangor in Wal-Mart, Ocean States Job Lots, and Dollar Tree, three places where kitchen gadgets are sold by the dozen ... nothing, not even the 10 dollar ones.
  Today I'll look at Bed, Bath and Beyond - they have something, but it'll be a 10 dollar one, maybe.
  I hurt my hands doing most common things like driving, or watching TV.  Two days ago I put myself in agony trying to open a quart of milk!  Oh yes, I used the little piece of rubber netting, a grabber, to open it.  But my hands hurt badly, they hurt using this keyboard.  I just can't quit living because my hands, mainly thumbs, hurt.  Because I have stomach trouble I can only take super Tylenol stuff so not a lot of relief.  On the other hand, pun intended, some days are better than others.
  I am going to find a gadget!

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